3D CSS cube prototype
My recent project of trying to build a single page website using a 3d cube. First I tried to see how feasible this was by quickly (using very basic code) creating this prototype before optimizing it to how i'd like it to be finished. In the menu bar you can read about the various changes I am planning to make!
Navigation bar
Currently very basic using radio inputs. I'd love for something more customized, maybe something space themed and/or more cubes?
Transition to React
As currently I have switched my focus from Stencil to React i'd love to entirely move the code to a React based application.
CSS Optimizations
For the finished version I'll rewrite the CSS to be way more neat, optimize the keyframes/animations and make additional quality of life updates for mobile responsiveness.
Improve peformance
Need to work on improving the Star generation code as it's very basic currently.
Making it my own
Adding a bit of "Me" to the website!